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  1. Production-Ready Features with Spring Boot Actuator

    Today, I am going to give a lightning talk at work about the production-ready features of Spring Boot Actuator. I recently utilized this module in the latest microservice I deployed to production. With very little work, I was able to include auditing, health monitoring and metrics in the application. Enjoy…

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  2. Deploying a Pentaho BA Server CE Docker Container with Dokku

    In my last post, I showed how to create a Docker container running the Pentaho BA Server 5.3 Community Edition. In this post, I am going to show how easy it is to deploy a Docker container to the cloud or any server using Dokku. First, Dokku is a…

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  3. Docker + Pentaho BA Server CE

    I am little late to the party but I finally got a chance to play around with Docker. This technology is built on top of LXC, a virtualization environment that offers "near-native" performance for applications. Unlike a traditional Virtual Machine, it does not run a separate kernel nor it simulates…

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